The Dangers of Drugged Driving

Driving is a privilege, not a right, yet so many who drive dangerously seem to become increasingly unaware of how being an unsafe driver can affect others and themselves. Though driving gets us from point A to B much more quickly than walking does, it’s important to take safety precautions when you’re on the road.

Brake Pads – What’s the Difference?

We’ve dedicated today’s blog entry to discussing the three most common brake pad types and what makes them unique. Knowing the difference between each will help you make an informed decision the next time your car is in the shop for brake repair. Let’s go over the three types and determine what works best for

The importance of Oil Changes |Spiteri's Auto Repair in Belmont

What Happens When You Miss An Oil Change?

We know it can be inconvenient to get your oil changed every 3-5K miles on the dot. You have a busy life that requires a vehicle to get around, otherwise why would you even have a vehicle? But have you thought about what happens when you prolong that oil change? If not, we’ve decided to

5 Signs Your Brakes Are Bad | Spiteri's Auto Service in Belmont

5 Warning Signs Your Brakes Are Trying to Fail You

It’s important to listen to your brakes. They are an important safety feature in every vehicle that can help keep you and other drivers on the road safe. But how can you listen, if you don’t know your brakes language and what they are trying to tell you. We’ve decided to help you with that.

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Common Warning Signs of a Failing Transmission

The transmission in your car is one of the most important and complicated components in the entire vehicle. The sophisticated hydraulics and computer controlled electronic portions work together to change gears within the engine. The engine transfers power to the wheels in order to move your car. While this kind of repair can be costly,